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"Power to parent" - Becoming the parent you were created to be

Power to Parent is a six-week, interactive course for those hoping to learn or re-build the skills to improved parenting. With an awareness and sensitivity to the differences of our parenting experiences, course facilitators strive to create a relaxed, safe and encouraging atmosphere for all. Participants will find healing and enlightenment as they realize that although their past may have shaped their present, it is the present (and not the past) which will shape their future. 

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This course is currently taught in local prisons and recovery homes, and is court recognized in cases of child visitation and custody. Please direct any inquiries to

I’ve learned that I want to be a healthy parent rather than a perfect parent
— Power to Parent Grad 2018

"better with boundaries" - Defining the lines that shape our lives

We were never meant to live a small life. Personal boundaries create a dividing line: identifying, separating, and then removing unhealthy desires, behaviours, and relationships that cause pain and destruction in our lives. Establishing personal boundaries, will not keep us closed off from the world, instead, they create space to develop healthy relationships that lead to joy and fulfillment. We were created to live an expansive life!

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This course is currently taught in local prisons and recover homes. Please direct any inquiries to

I have been an addictions counsellor & life skills facilitator for about 14 years. In the past 6 weeks I have learned more about myself through “Better with Boundaries” then I have throughout these years as a facilitator. .....
— Kristi

transitional care

Currently under development, this program will help those that are transitioning from prison or recovery to find community and health as they move back in to society. They will be empowered to make right choices and live an independent, productive life. 


Courses schedule for the fall term not yet available


Tutoring is available to assists adults in attaining their GED diploma, opening doors to employment and post- secondary school. Please direct any inquiries to