City Care Dental: Mobile Dental Care

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We support oral health as a basic human right that enables us to speak, breathe, drink, eat, and smile.
— World Health Organization - A Call for Action

City Care Dental is our newest initiative, providing dental care for our adopted schools and surrounding neighbourhoods that have an identified need. Licensed dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and supervised dental students partner with us to offer a full range of dental care.

Our mobile unit contains three modern and fully equipped dental chairs. We are ready to work in partnership with other agencies to help bring healthy smiles to those who have not had dental care due to financial and access barriers.

City Care Dental is also looking for practitioners who value what the dental health profession can do to contribute to poverty reduction and healthy community initiatives. smileMOBILE  is City Care Dental’s branding of community minded practices that give financial backing, to enable City Care Dental to keep serving where they are needed most!

Join Wave Dentistry and Austin Station Dental – the first two smileMOBILE supporters! Help be a part of the solution. If you are interested in making your dental practice part of the smileMOBILE dental group, please email  or call 604-362-3480 

To read more about the dental unit, check out the articles on our Press page.

Meet Dr. Ron and Wendy Gaudet, Directors for City Care Dental

Meet Dr. Ron and Wendy Gaudet, Directors for City Care Dental